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New Office Design

A good working relationships with contractors that understand the complexity and importance of getting it right the first time is important to us. Our knowledge of dental building codes and providing accurate specifications of systems to be installed is key to a great end result. The consulting service we provide is targeted to the sub-contractors actually doing the work. Everyone wins when information is easily accessed. This helps avoid costly problems in the future. Attention to detail makes all the difference.

Working with Contractors

Every Cabinet should have a purpose and be designed for that purpose. We understand the importance of design, aesthetics and asepsis for a clean, clinical look. We also design special cabinets for treatment delivery, sterilization and labs.

Custom Cabinet Design

Relocating or remodeling a practice is the time to disassemble and perk up your existing dental equipment. Function checks, new hoses, scratch repair and polish can make a big difference in performance and appearance. This is the time to improve as much as the budget will allow.

Relocation and Installation of Dental Equipment

When production is interrupted due to failure of your operating equipment, time and money are in jeopardy. We understand this and react to urgent service calls with high priority. This is our strong suit. All other service calls or maintenance needs are scheduled for convenience.

In Office Service Calls

There are several ways to initiate a preventative maintenance program for your valuable dental equipment. It is well known the importance of following the manufacturer's maintenance schedule to prevent costly repairs and downtime.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Services We Offer

We take our customer's ideas, offer a few of our own and draw a floor plan that begins the process of creating the workspace desired.  It is important for us to listen to all ideas from doctors, staff and contractors to best achieve the space desired. There are many details relating to the delivery of Dentistry and we have the experience. Our intention is to build a long term customer relationship  with our customers.

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