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Under Construction

​This website is being created to bring awareness to the services my company offers.

You will find my 30+ years of experience in the dental industry,  displayed here.


​The dental manufactures my company supports are non-exclusive to any one company, corporation or group. National corporations have access to the products we represent and service. This is an advantage to you as a consumer by keeping cost competitive.

Alpine Dental Equipment is considered an "Independent" in the dental industry and sometimes labeled as "unauthorized" by national corporations to service exclusive brands of their products and equipment. This is a disadvantage to you as they would like you to believe that you are limited to them to service your needs.

As a preferred customer of Alpine Dental Equipment we provide you with complete customer service and highly support all of our and our competers products and services.

Currently we are working on an e-store for this site to provide products and components commonly used with the equipment and services we provide. 

​Our service page will soon expand to include service tips and alerts with video demonstrations on inhouse preventative maintenance tips.

If you have any requests, comments or suggestions you may e-mail me and I will consider your inputs.

Thank you for your interest,

Randy Anderson  



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