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​​Belmont is our premium line of dental equipment and cabinetry. Our 30+ years of selling and supporting this manufacture has proven to be reliable affordable and in step with technology. We are very confident to supply and support this low maintenance line of equipment.

Beaverstate Dental Systems

We have had a long relationship with Beaverstate Dental Systems and appreciate their commitment to affordable and reliable treatment room equipment. Their continual effort to keep it simple and trouble free has proven popular with the dental community. Customer service is 5 star.

Bien-Air Dental Systems

These electric handpieces are at the top of our list for electric handpieces in our opinion. We service and repair all the other manufactures and seldom have to repair Bien Air. Swiss workmanship is superior in our experiences.

Crown Dental Seating

This seating company has a research and development commitment that continually strives to improve the ergonomics related to dental operator comfort. This site is worth getting to know.


DCI International

Our favorite service is to design and custom build side and rear delivery systems for our customers who are particular and detail oriented. Combine DCI components, our custom built cabinets and we can do anything. We also purchase most all of our parts and accessories from DCI.

Handler Red Wing International

When we need to design and build a dental lab of any size, we use as many Handler products as we can. They are a complete and dependable lab equipment supplier.

SciCan Infection Control Specialist

Whatever the context, SciCan products are proving themselves time and again as fast, reliable and easy-to-use technology that ensure your patient's and your safety.

Sonix 4 Ultrasonics

A leader in ultrasonic technology and their published research in the proper handling and control of the pre-cleaning process of hand instruments is worth studying. We have very few problems with this line of cleaners. This is a preferred vendor of ours.

Dental Water Line Treatment

We are promoting this line of products as the simplest and most cost effective way to comply with the stringent guidelines set by the ADA . Our testing and montering since 2000, has given us confindence that our system combined with Stersil products work.



Tech West Vacuum and Air Systems

The heart and lungs of a practice is the vacuum and compressed air system. Your production and the end results of your procedures are highly dependent on this equipment. You can count on efficiency and reliability when buying Tech West systems. We strongly support this company.

Tuttnauer Sterilization & Infection Control

All autoclaves should be purchased from an authorized full service distributor. Low price shoppers are surprised when they have to pay for shipping and adjusted warranty service rates. Tuttnauer offers a generous warranty that includes all parts and a portion of warranty labor costs.

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