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 Sterilizer / Autoclave Repair

When your Autoclave / Sterilizer, Air Compressor or Vacuum pump go down, production stops and loss of income becomes a major concern.  We understand this clearly and respond quickly to put these critical pieces of equipment back on line.  If needed, loaner equipment is available and installed quickly.  Repairs are evaluated and written quotes are provided. 

If you are outside our service area, ( 100 mile radius of Reno, NV ) and would like your defective Sterilizer repaired and serviced by our certified bio-medical technicians, send it to us for an evaluation and quote.   A low evaluation fee is applied to the accepted repair / service quote. We guarantee all repairs performed for 90 days to include shipping back and forth.  We are that confident in the service we provide. 

We recommend allowing us to recondition you Autoclave that comes with a 1 year performance guarantee to include in and out warranty shipping.  We also offer a trade in value towards the purchase of new equipment from our preferred supplier. Your business with us is greatly appreciated.    

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