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Patient Exam Chair

The X- Calibur model V  B50N is our most popular patient dental exam chair. Traditional and stylish, the X-Calibur V B50N delivers the right combination of comfort, style and efficiency.

Dental Exam Lights

Popular, sensible and functional, Clesta is designed to provide natural light for operators with touchless ON/OFF sensors that minimize possible cross-contamination between procedures.

LED Exam Light

Bel-Halo LED dental lights produce cool, natural light with high color rendering performance, for correct tooth shade matching and for differences of soft tissue. Stepless light intensity can be adjusted to fit operatory ambient light conditions.

 PHOT-xlls DC Intraoral X-Ray with LCD Panel

The model PHOT - XIIs  dc x-ray with LCD Panel will not let you down . We install these units to  manufacturer's specifications and only return to calibrate them annually. The calibration is a 5 minute process. Radiation is half that of others and combined with a quality sensor, you will not find a better unit. It is a good price with great value.

Bel-Cypher Pro Panoramic X-Ray

Simple to use and affordable, the NEW Bel-Cypher Pro digital X-ray system produces outstanding Panoramic, TMJ and Bitewing images. We find this digital panoramic very easy to install and calibrate. You will be very surprised at the easy positioning and quality of images.

K66-SS Rear Treatment Console

 Feature-packed and convenient, the K66-SS console improves accessibility to cabinet central work areas with a two-way, left-right sliding worksurface. Shown with Delivering the versatility and efficiency the X-Calibur BDS dental delivery system is available in swing mount, over the patient and cabinet mounted configurations

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