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Getting the Process Started


Whether you are building your first dental clinic, remodeling your current one or relocating, we hope that you contact us early in your thought process. Our approach is to listen close to you, find out what your ideas are, offer a few of our own and help guide you through the process. Our many years of experience have helped us develop a list of talking points and areas for consideration.


The Budget

If you are establishing a new clinic or considering the relocation or upgrade of your current facility, your first step is to establish a budget for the process that lies ahead. Once a budget is established you now know the constraints within which your plan must confine itself. In order to get the most out of your investment you need to be sure you have key people and quality firms in place to deliver a project that meets your requirements and expectations. Alpine Dental can assist you with the research necessary to accomplish this end. The ways in which we can assist you with this process include the following :

 1.  Research in locating a space which besides the projected cost of the space will also

   include but not be limited to many operating cost such as utilities, phones and

  communication systems, computer networks, security systems, waste disposal, rent,

  leasing or mortgage considerations.


 2.  Establishing your space requirements and working with you to design and draw an

   efficient flow plan.

 3.   ​Choosing a general contractor who preferably has experience in dental office

   construction and is familiar with current medical / dental building codes. A knowledgeable

   general contractor will estimate the construction cost based on square footage of the
   project. Alpine Dental has excellent working relationships with several contractors of this
   caliber in your area. Your compatibility and confidence with the general is important to us.

 4.  Choosing a company that can address your requirements for computers (networking) 

   phone systems, television and security systems is also very important. Alpine Dental can

   help you find companies that handle all of these services and simplify the process so it is

   fully integrated into the objectives of the overall plan. Alpine Dental has well-established

   relationships with firms of this stature and capability as well.

​One of the most important relationships is with your dental equipment supplier. They should have a good idea of what your style and preferences are after the first meeting, it all starts there. A detailed list of the equipment and options should be presented with clear pricing that includes installation, shipping and taxes. Our list is in a proposal format with acceptance signatures required, this is not a contract that would require attorneys to exam. We keep it simple with scope of work defined, quantity and accurate descriptions of products, cost totals and terms that our customers agree on. We want you happy with the decision to work with us. Service after the sale has no limits with us.




Helping you find financing for all or part of your project with options that will blend with the capital budget that was established, is a service we provide. Alpine Dental has financing sources that can help you mix outside sources of funds with the funds you have dedicated to your project so your working capital and credit lines are still strong when the project is completed. The financing option can many times be structured to include items that are normally seen as tenant improvements such as cabinetry as one example.




We recommend a time table be established with a schedule of events prior  to any construction beginning. This schedule should be flexible and have a deadline for completion. The deadline also should be reasonably flexible to insure everything is functional and complete prior to occupancy. Kaos with mistakes is usually the result when projects are pushed at the end.
It is well known that efficiently scheduled projects are to everyones financial advantage. As the owner, a minimum weekly visit will help with decisions needed in the field. Alpine Dental is committed to this.


Service After The Sale


We at Alpine Dental offer responsive warranty service and a one year labor guarantee, not to include travel, on all preferred equipment supplied by us. This is documented on our proposed agreements. A personal preventative maintenance program is available on request.​

Office Design and Remodel

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